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New Head Girl And Head Boy Appointed

CBA’s new Head Girl and Head Boy are ready to be ambassadors for the Academy after being appointed this week.

Year 12 students Ivo Silva and Alice Hill were handed the titles after writing outstanding applications and making an impression during interviews with the Senate, senior staff and Principal Andrew Campbell.

Their deputies are Connor Wilson and Nenyasha Mukumbuzi.

Vice Principal for Sixth Form Avril Bartley-Smith made the announcement during assembly today (Thursday, October 21st), telling the Sixth Form: "As role models for the Academy, they certainly stand out.

"They faced some very gruelling interviews and for those students who have been through it, it's not something of the norm or something that can be easily dealt with.

"When these four applied, I knew they were strong candidates and it was a very, very close decision."

Mrs Bartley-Smith said the applications were so strong that the two deputies will have a new remit and new responsibilities.

Ivo said during his interview, he talked about how his outlook on life has changed since moving from CBA's predecessor school.

He said: "It made such a big difference to me - coming here settled me down, made me more mature and made me think about the future.

"One of the things I'm hoping to get from the role of Head Boy is more confidence."

Alice, who joined CBA this September, said:  "I have experience of meeting new people, which I can bring to the role of Head Girl.

"I'm just looking forward to representing CBA."