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Sixth Formers Prepare For Trip To Uganda

After months of fundraising for the Uganda Appeal, two students will finally get to see for themselves what life is like the country they have been supporting.

Year 13 students Chris Usher and Christina Mangin will spend a week at the Discovery Centre in Uganda for the Jinja International Youth Meeting 2010.

There, they will meet students from schools across the African country and other pupils from the UK.

The aim is to share ideas and for young people to learn from each other to gain an understanding of the issues facing people in different countries.

They will look at areas such as global citizenship and international trade, and Chris and Christina have been busy researching the topics (pictured).

It is the second time that CBA has organised for Sixth Formers to visit the Discovery Centre, which offers education and sporting opportunities for children- some of who walk three miles every day to get there.

Business Studies Teacher John Atkinson will accompany Chris and Christina on the excursion.

He said: "A trip like this changes your ethos and outlook on life.

"There are no gadgets - no TVs or X-boxes.

"It's about seeing how other individuals lead such different lives."

Mr Atkinson is hoping to further develop links at the Centre so more CBA students can visit in the future.

Christina said: "You hear so much about these kind of countries but not many people actually get the chance to go. I want to have that experience."

Chris added: "I think it will change our daily lives and it will definitely have an impact on us."