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Head Boy Jordon Joseph has become qualified as a Cricket Coach and has has started training younger students.

Over six weeks of planning and one cricket coaching course later and Cricket Club, is finally up and running. The response that I had for the course was immense.

I had over thirty interested students, but there was only twenty spaces, so some of these had to be sadly turned away. Apologies to the students who did not get through - thank you for your enthusiasm. Our first session was on  8th December, which was a great success. Even though it was the first session, everyone had a great time.

The response I got from the students after the session, was all positive and they can’t wait until next week. I hope the school cricket team will become a huge success in the future.

Ben Page, (Year 9) said: ‘It was ace, the best ever, loved it.’
Callum Fyvie (Year 7) said: ‘It was great, can’t wait to go back!’
Jack Solomon (Year 8) said: ‘I’ve never played cricket before, and I now love it.’

Article by Jordon Joseph - Cricket Coach