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The Unit Wins Coveted Christmas Tree Crown

The rivalry was fierce and Faculties were very protective over their entries – but there could only be one winner in the Christmas tree competition.

Members of Parents in Partnership spent an afternoon judging the trees, which each had a new twist on the '12 Days of Christmas' theme.

They decided that the Unit's effort, which featured boxes that played recordings of the students, was unusual, different and interactive.

They also liked that everything on the tree had been made by students.

AMID's entry which featured Vice Principal Avril Bartley-Smith dressed as Mrs Claus was also popular.

PNS's effort featured a naughty and good list - although there was some debate over who appeared on which list.

Parent Frank Howell said: "The standard was very high this year and I think each department had put a lot more effort in."

Helping PIP to judge was Dot Gibb (pictured), who donated candy canes for her grandson's fundraising efforts at CBA.

Michael Foley (pictured) and the rest of the Year 11 Prom Committee have been selling the candy canes with personalised messages on to other students.

Thanks to Mrs Gibb, they raised more than £200.