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Staying Safe Online

Younger students have been given advice on cyber-bullying and staying safe online.

PCSO Alex Franklin has been working with Year 7 and 8 students and is handing out bookmarks and information that contain advice on where students can turn if they have concerns.

He said: "It's about this age that we start to introduce students to the dangers of the internet because they start having more access to the internet and will be looking at different websites.

"We want to make them more aware of the possible dangers and what they can do if they come across something they don't trust."

The bookmark encourages students to 'Click Clever, Click Safe' and advises that they should keep personal information private and think carefully about what they say and do online.

Other advice includes reporting incidents to the website or service provider, such as Facebook, block email addresses, only give out email addresses to trusted friends and keep a copy of abusive texts or emails.