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Students On A Hero’s Journey

An inspiring workshop got students thinking about their future, their attitudes and their approach to school life.

Human Utopia, the organisation which runs the programme and the Heroes programme, were back at CBA again last week.

They spoke to Years 7, 9, 10 and 11 about issues including the barriers that can stop them from achieving and whether they take school for granted.

Year 11s were shown photographs of a school in a developing country which doesn't have electricity, laptops, lights or even glass in the windows.

One of the presenters, Lauren, who is a former Hero herself, said: "This [CBA] is unimaginable to them.

"Are you taking advantage of what's on offer here? You don't need a lot of money - you need a lot of determination and ambition.

"What can you achieve in your last three months at school?"

Year 11s took part in workshops about their futures and afterwards student Jessica Nunes said: "It was an opportunity for us to think about our lives, our futures and what changes we can make. It's given me confidence and I'm going to work harder so I can do what I want to do."

Fellow student Connor McGrory said: "It makes you think about how you treat people and treating everyone with respect."

Carlo Missirian, one of Human Utopia's co-founders, said: "There are a lot of wonderful people in this community. They always make us feel welcome and they always think hard about themselves.

"It's great to come back and see them growing and the older year groups have embraced the idea - I think they're trying to change their attitudes and are contributing to what CBA is striving to be."