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Picasso Takes Over The AMID Faculty

For the past few weeks Year 11 BTEC art students have been studying a particular painting by Pablo Picasso, ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.’ 1907.

A copy of the painting was divided up into squares and each student was asked to copy a single square. The object of this exercise was to try to emulate Picasso’s colour mixing and paint technique and learn from the master. On completion of all the sections students were asked to re-assemble the pieces and discuss their now quite huge piece of work. Thank goodness for our excellent spaces at the Academy.

As you can see from the photographs, the group piece is very impressive, and being able to look down at it from the top balcony in the faculty made discussing the image so much easier. The painting project was very successful and the artwork has taken on a life of its own. Take a look at the original; I think Picasso would have approved of how his original has developed at the hands of my most talented Year 11 Art students.

Article by Jacqui Brown - Art