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First Student To Reach Uganda In Reading Challenge

The bar has been set by Chloe Harvey who read the equivalent of 11 Twilight books in just six days to secure her place at camp.

Read Your Way to Uganda was launched earlier this term to challenge students to read a certain number of words by June to be able to take part in a summer camp and raise awareness of the Uganda appeal.

Chloe, (pictured) who is in Year 7, took just under a week to complete the challenge and read 1,017,000 words.

Two others students have also now got to Camp Uganda - Polly Jones who read 1,359,884 words and Kelsey Fordyce with a word count of 1,132,832 words.

Librarian Amy McKay said: "I didn't expect anyone to do it so quickly. I thought it would be a challenge for most students and I thought the eager readers would do it by May - I never thought we'd have students finish it already."

Miss McKay has now set Chloe, Polly and Kelsey a new challenge of reading their way to the moon (238,857 miles), gaining a mile for every 100 words they read.

The competition is being run through the Accelerated Reader scheme - all Key Stage 3 student are automatically signed up to have a go at the challenge.

Students in Key Stage 4 and 5 who would like to have a go need to speak to Miss McKay.

There are already students from every year taking part.