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Students Answer SOS Call

Sixth Form students are working in partnership with multi-national company RS Components to re-design and manufacture a new piece of equipment.

When the Corby based firm discovered that a piece of equipment from the calibration department was showing signs of wear and tear, it decided to send out an SOS to the CBA and four sixth form students have come to the rescue.

Led by senior science technician Leen van den Berg students Derrick Dick, Dale Page, Colin Partridge, Aiden Patrick are now working together to redesign the new resistor.

After carrying out a study of the original Loughborough University project that first designed the part ten years ago, the students have now come up with a plan of action to modernise the calibration equipment.

The team will spend the next few months working on the design and manufacture and hope to be able to present the fi nished item to RS Components by July.

This is the first of many projects CBA plans to carry out with its business link and sponsor RS Components.