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Corby Business group's first visit to CBA

Late January saw a crowd of 30 smart-suited individuals enjoying a breakfast visit and tour of CBA.

Admittedly, some slightly over-indulged with the traditional bacon and egg options, while others selected porridge (with dried fruit topping).

However, the real feast still to come was one for the eyes when touring CBA’s 21st Century educational phenomenon.

From one end of the building to the other, smartly dressed and wellbehaved students were going about their lessons with obvious and genuine enthusiasm. Claustrophobic, chalk fi lled classrooms had been consigned to the past and the future secured in awesome, open-plan
digital splendour.

However, a new, purpose built environment is only a base from which to launch the academy. The real life-blood is the operating ethos, together with teaching skills and methodology. It was very apparent that these are not only well thought through and presented, but that they have already begun to transform the educational prospects of a generation of young people at CBA.

CBG very much looks forward to working in partnership with the academy and as a small fi rst step, has issued a challenge: the Group needs a new logo and web-site.

Can CBA’s IT wizards deliver appealing and professional results? We shall see, but in any event we look forward to the exciting prospect of our next visit.

John Hill – Corby Business Group Chairman and CBA governor