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Addicted to Turning Pages

Corby Book Addicts have been busy working on their creative writing skills for a national writing competition.

The brief given was to write either a 500 word story with the opening line “It was Friday 13th…”
or a poem about either winter or spring. Our entries have been of a superb standard (if I do say so myself) and we are now eagerly awaiting the results which will be announced at the end of February.

Students started the process by brainstorming words, phrases and ideas to fit the criteria, they then wrote their fi rst drafts before meeting weekly to edit and comment on each others work until they were happy with what they had written. An extract from one of the entries can be found below.

Sylvia by Julia Komor, Year 7 student

It was Friday, 13th December, the most important day of my life and that’s because I met him:
Friday, 13th December 2008 10pm. MY ROOM In bed. Staring at the wall blankly. Stunned. By the
impossiblosity and amazingnosity of life. How the heck did I end up with a Satanling
boyfriend? And I’m the exact opposite of a Satanling. I’m a Sylph, for crying out loud! I’m no
mere human; I’m the personifi cation of air, of good, of right. I’m like an angel, really. Only I’m betterlooking. And not dressed in something that looks
like a really big white nappy. Or blanket. Or towel. I don’t know, stop bugging me. Jeez….

Planned CBA activities next term include a Valentines inspired speed dating event, storyboard work using a set of fantastic drawing books the library has recently bought and swotting for the upcoming Northamptonshire Schools Book Challenge.

Article by Amy McKay - Librarian