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A Royal Performance

Our talented students were part of one of the biggest days in Corby’s history yesterday (June 13th).

The students took centre stage when her Majesty visited the town as part of her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

The Monarch was treated to a spectacle of dance, song, drama and aquatic displays during her two hour visit to Corby and our students played a key part of every event.

Year 10 student Kyle Murrie, who was part of the choir who sang the specially penned song Carried by Ravens, said: “This is one of the highlights of my life so far and something I will tell my children.

“It is such an honour to be able to say that I have sang for the Queen.

“During the performance I was watching her and she really seemed to be enjoying it.

“I was just a few feet away from her when she came up onto the stage to receive a gift from the Mayor and I was struck with how small she was.”

He added: “I was really pleased with our performance and it was worth all the hard work and rehearsal.”

Other students who took part were Charlotte Chenery, Claudia Capper,  (Year 7) Courtney Hope (Year 8), Sereti Ogwang, Eloise Robertson, Jodie Young, Callum Connachie,  (Year 9), Ben Claypole, Daniella Ewan, (Year 10) Myles Peters and Andile Chiwuta (Year 12).

Sisters Rebecca and Roisin Curran, who are ranked among the world’s best Irish dancers, also performed at the event.

As well as performing to those lucky enough to have a ticket to the event, their performances were beamed live on outside screens and watched by the thousands of people who had gathered in Corby town centre .

Acting Principal John Henrys said: “We are extremely proud of the talented students who were chosen to perform for the Queen yesterday.

“It was a huge honour for them and one that they will remember the rest of their lives.”