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Academy Becomes a Movie Theatre

The opening credits are soon to roll on CBA Film Club.

THE CBA small theatre will soon have a new use as an occasional cinema, as the lights will soon go down on the new CBA Film Club.

The academy has become one of the first batch of schools in the country to become involved with the Government funded initiative Film Club, which gives access to 60,000 free film titles.

The first film to be shown will be Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds which will run on Thursday, April 23 from 3.45pm.

And each Thursday a new film will be shown with the closing credits rolling in time for students to catch the late bus at 5.45pm.

Ian Nicol, who is running the club said: "We have had a good response from students so far and I am sure it will become a great feature of academy life.

"As well as being a nice way to relax at the end of the school day it is also a good way for students to enhance their literacy and media skills."

Students must become members to join the club and the invitation is also open to staff.

To become a member, students must ask their parents to fill in one of the consent forms that can be obtained from student reception. The form should be returned to reception and students will receive a membership pass (which they will need to watch the film).

The Film Club also has a website which members can use to search the film library.

Members can log on at