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Year 9 Enterprise Day

An Enterprise Day sees students battle to save the human race.

Investigating whether Planet X could sustain the human race if earth was destroyed was the mission taken on as part of a Science based Enterprise Day.

Year 9 students took on the serious which was aimed at honing their group work skills.

As part of the event, pupils took on the role of top national scientists and had to discover whether a newly discovered planet was habitable. But time was of the essence as a meteor was on a collision course with earth and about to put an end to the human race.

During the day, which was led by educational enterprise specialists Speakeasy 4 schools, the students had to design logos and use scientific data to work out whether Planet X would be able to sustain human life.

At the end of the day each team also made a presentation to other groups in which they recorded a live TV interview to tell the nation about the breaking news.

Year 9 student Sandro Moreira said: “I really enjoyed the enterprise day! We investigated a recently discovered planet and found out about its animal life and terrain. I liked working as part of team and having to present our findings to the rest of the year group. I think the day helped my understanding of planets in a fun way and helped me to come up with my own solutions to problems”.

Director of Science Elaine Ponton said: “Everyone was engaged and enthusiastic about the tasks. I was extremely impressed by all the presentations and each student deserves praise for their group work.”