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Commonwealth Celebration

Students create a drama piece to perform at an event to mark the Commonwealth's sixtieth anniversary.

On Monday 9th March Mrs Farrar, Catherine Grant and myself travelled down to the Commonwealth centre in Wollaston to celebrate the 60th year of the Commonwealth.

When we arrived we watched presentations by fellow schools from Northamptonshire which were based on different aspects from the Commonwealth.

We participated with a piece of drama about the racial debate concerning the issue of the Commonwealth being founded on the basis of slavery and racism.

We have learnt about different countries and facts to do with the Commonwealth and we have seen schools with successful links with schools in Commonwealth countries.

As a result of this we are now looking as a project for the next academic year in BHE to create a link with a school in another country.
This will allow us to understand other cultures and fundraise to help support that school and its students and staff.

Article by Charlotte Bean - CBA Student