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Fundraiser For Sensory Garden

Funds have been raised for the CBA sensory garden thanks to the charitable efforts of students.

A group of students working towards their Personal Health and Social Education certificate pulled out all the stops to pull in the pounds.

They manned a tombola and treasure hunt game during the breakfast and lunch breaks and managed to raise an impressive £85.25.

It is planned to put the money towards buying some new plants and equipment for the DSP sensory garden.

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant Caren Brown said: "As part of their entry level 2 PHSE certificate, the students are required to organise a fundraising event.

"As they have raised money so far this academic year for outside causes so they decided this time to raise the funds to be used within the Academy."

Year 9 student Stephanie Fulton said: "It has been great and we have had a good response from students and staff."