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Racing Towards A Great Fundraising Total

A female CBA Team took on the Race 4 Life challenge and raised a staggering £890 for Cancer Research.

The charitable group joined the 4,000 other women at Burghley House grounds on Sunday, May 17 and despite the wind and rain managed to keep up the spirits and raise a bucket load of cash for charity.

Organiser Elaine Ponton said:  " The whole team did extremely well and had a great time yesterday despite the pouring rain and high winds.  Our times ranged between 30 minutes for the runners and 1 hour for us slower gossips.  The atmosphere was fab and everybody supported each other.  I was proud to be part of the team."

Isabel Duell who ran the race with her daughter came home in under 30 minutes .

She said: "Running in the rain was not much fun and having to get round lots of people was not the same as training. I am pleased with myself but, as they say, could not have done it without my daughter to keep me company and or course the Segalini motivational start to my training.

The team members were Elaine Ponton, Sally Knibb, Karen Byrne, Lorraine Smith, Isabel Duell (and her daughter), Kim Asher, Nikki Clark and Tracy Filer.