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Year 8 French Trip

Earlier this month students from Year 8 enjoyed a week long trip to France. Read student Alex Campbell's holiday diary.

Learning more about France


On Monday at 8.30am the group of 36 Year 8 and Year 9 students left Corby Business Academy for France.

The journey was about five hours, and there was some excitement when we went into the Eurotunnel, as many of the people on the coach hadn't been on it before. We arrived at the hotel earlier then expected, so after we had unpacked our stuff we went off to the beach.

On Tuesday we went to Opalaventure, a forest adventure park. It was very challenging and some people even did the black course, which included a bike ride ten meters off the ground.

In the afternoon we went on a boat trip on the Clairmaris marshes, where there were houses only accessible by water, farmland and a large heron sanctuary.

Wednesday was by far the best day of the trip. After breakfast we headed off to Aqualud, a water park by the sea side. There were many things to do there including a wave pool, Jacuzzis and two massive slides. After the water park we had a short journey in the coach before we arrived at the theme park. It was very good as there were barely any queues and the rides were very fun.

On Thursday we went to the manmade caves of Naours. It was fascinating that so many people had lived down there during WWI and WWII. After the tour of the caves we went to a small town called Berck, where we had a couple of hours to look around. Before dinner we went to the Etaples military cemetery. There were over 11,000 graves, all for soldiers from the Commonwealth who died in one battle outside the town we were staying in.

We got up early on Friday to put our luggage on to the coach. After a quick breakfast we hopped onto the coach, and after a short trip we arrived at CiteEurope.

Two-and-a-half hours of shopping later we got back on the coach for a long ride back to England.

In all it was a great French trip.