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April 2015 - INCLUSION - DofE Expedition



April 2015


Dear Parent / Carer,


As part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (The DofE) we will be completing the practise/assessed expedition on 6th and 7th May 2015, including an overnight camp at The Quarries, Scout Camp, Cosgrove, Northamptonshire.  During the expedition the students will walk in an expedition team and will be supported and monitored by members of staff to ensure the health, safety and well being of individuals. 

The students will navigate using a photo trail and map; cook an evening meal and breakfast on stoves and camp in tents.  During the expedition the groups will be given as much independence as possible to complete the 2 day/ 1 night venture.  This is a culmination of the hard work and skills they have developed through training during the academic year.


Students are to attend school on 06 May appropriately dressed for the expedition.  Enclosed is a kit list, group equipment e.g. tents and stoves are provided for each group.  Items highlighted in red can be provided for the students.  Please complete the kit request form by Tuesday 05 May.  On the day students should bring two bags to school; one rucksack to carry on the expedition including water proof top and trousers, spare jumper, sun hat, food and water.  The second bag to include items such as: sleeping bag, spare clothes, personal toiletries that will be used at the campsite.



06 May 2015:

8.40: Breakfast

09.00: Kit check

09.30: Travel to start location

10.30: Expedition including walking and exploring time

16.30: Set up camp

17.30: Cook meals and evening activities

21.00 – 22.00: Personal preparation, in tents and lights out


07 May 2015:

07.00: Get up, breakfast and decamp

10.30: Expedition including walking and exploring time

14.15: Travel to school

15.30: Travel home on school transport








Due to the self sufficient nature of the DofE we encourage parents / carers not to contact your child unless it is an emergency, in which circumstance we ask you to contact the school emergency contact number.  You will be notified of this contact number prior to the expedition.


Voluntary contribution of £10 would be appreciated to support the expedition costs including transport, campsite, food and fuel.


If you have any questions regarding the expedition please do not hesitate in contacting me on the details below: / 01536 303120 (Ext 2601)


Claire Robinson

Unit Director




Please return slip to Mrs Claire Robinson – by Tuesday 28th April 2015


I give consent for _______________________________________________ to attend the Bronze Expedition at Cosgrove - Northants, on the 06/07 May 2015.


I agree he/she will abide by the college code of conduct whilst on trips.


I enclose a voluntary contribution of £10 towards the cost of the expedition.


Signature _______________________________________ Date _______________



Emergency contact name / number ______________________________________