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Corby Business Academy choir (CBA Vocalize)

September 2011


Dear student,


Corby Business Academy choir (CBA Vocalize) will rehearse weekly on a Monday from 3.45pm-4.45pm in the Music Department.  The choir will perform in many Concerts throughout the year both in and out of school.  The numerous concerts will range from carol concerts to performing in local and national competitions. 


The expectation is that we will rehearse every week.  100% attendance is crucial in order to improve as a choir.  If for any reason you cannot attend a rehearsal, a letter must be handed to any of the Music Department staff explaining your absence.  The late bus will be available for anyone needing transport home.


Please pass this letter to your parent / carer in order to give permission for you to attend Corby Business Academy Vocalize.


Yours sincerely


Felicity Cornish

Teacher of Music




Please return this form to a member of the Music Department -AMID



Student Name __________________________________________Tutor Group__________



I give permission for my son / daughter to attend Corby Business Academy Vocalize on Mondays from 3.45-4.45pm.


Parent Name ______________________________________________________



Parent Signature____________________________________________________