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December 2012 Chemistry Workshop (Invitation Only)

December 2012


 Chemistry Workshop

Saturday 8th December 2012

Dear Parent/Carer


In order to support students in year 11 studying Triple Science, we would like to offer a chemistry workshop on Saturday the 8th December 2012 in the PNS faculty between 9.30 am and 12pm.


The students need to be doing work at home independently and the rate at which the chemistry units are covered is fast. It is not our intention to teach new work but to give students the opportunity to revisit concepts that they have found difficult and would like more help with.


The session needs to be stimulated by the students asking questions, showing that they have attempted to learn the topics they wish to discuss and are able to engage in discussion in order to clarify misunderstandings.


If your child would like to attend, please complete the reply slip below and return it to Student

Reception by Thursday 6th December 2012.



Sharon Bialacki

Science Tutor


To Student Reception – Re: Chemistry Workshop – Saturday 8th December – S Bialacki PNS



I would like my child to attend the chemistry work shop on Saturday 8th December 2012


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