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December 2012 GCSE History Course Text Books

December 2012


Dear Parent/Carer



Over the last few weeks many parents have contacted the history department asking about set textbooks that would help with revision at home.  As part of the GCSE History Course students study four different areas of history; Medicine and Treatment, Transformation of Surgery, The Rise Of The Nazi Party and The Civil Rights Movement.


Whilst we do not insist that you buy these books, we would suggest that they are very beneficial to the course and would be a great stocking filler (not sure the students would agree!)


We therefore recommend the two set textbooks for this course which are:


Edexcel GCSE History B Schools History Project Life in Germany, Steve Waugh and Angela Leonard

ISBN: 978-1846-904-44-8

Edexcel GCSE History B Schools History Project, Medicine and Surgery, Cathy Warren and Nigel Bushnell

ISBN: 978-1846-904-40-0


These books can be purchased on Amazon and cost approximately £11 each, or alternatively second hand off of e-bay.


Yours faithfully



Kirsty Farrar

Senior Assistant Principal