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December 2012 Senior Concert Band Tour

December 2012



Dear Parent / Carer,


This year the Senior Concert Band will be taking part in a Junior School Tour on Friday 14th December 2012.  We will be departing Corby Business Academy by coach at 8.45am and will be returning by coach for the end of school at 3.30pm.


In the morning we will be performing two Concerts at Oakley Vale Junior School and in the afternoon at Beanfield Junior School.  Students will need to bring some money in order to buy lunch at McDonalds.  Students will need to be in full school uniform and be responsible for their own instruments during the course of the day. Students will be supervised at all times.


Our own Christmas Concert entitled ‘Winter Wonderland’ will take place at Corby Business Academy on Tuesday 18th December.  Tickets are now available free of charge from student reception.


I would be grateful if you could fill in the attached permission slip and return it to me in the Music Department by Monday 10th December 2012.


I do hope you will be able to join us at these forthcoming events,



Yours faithfully,


Clive Wears

Director of Music 




Please return this form to Mr Wears in the Music Department – by Monday 10th December 2012


Student Name ___________________________________________________



I give permission for my son / daughter to attend the Senior Concert Junior School Tour.


Parent Name_____________________________________________________



Signature _______________________________________________________