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Our school puts a lot of emphasis in online safety and ensuring that the students understand the risks that the internet may bring. 

We have assemblies which constantly remind the students of the dangers which they face when publishing content online, particularly on social media websites. Recently a representative of the Northamptonshire Online Safety Team came along to guest speak to promote online safety and provide information about the services they offer to help children. 

As a school, we take preventative measures such as blocking all inappropriate websites on our computers, laptops and iPads. The internet usage within school is also monitored and our ICT suites are supervised by a member of staff throughout the day. 




Most mobile devices can connect to the internet whether it is through a wired connection, 3G or WiFi. It is a lot easier to conceal what they are doing on a mobile device. As a parent, there are a few actions you can take to protect your children from the risks of the internet: 

- Knowing what apps are installed on your child's mobile device.
- Knowing the passcode to access their device, if needed.
- Understanding that once content is shared with others, it can't be taken back.
- Knowing who your children are talking to.