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January 2013 Photo consent



January 2013


Dear Parent/Carer

During their time at Corby Business Academy your son/daughter's image may be used in various different ways, e.g. in the 'In Press' magazine, videos, web site and television, in promoting the Corby Business Academy.

To comply with the data protection act, could you please complete the slip at the bottom of this letter if you have ANY OBJECTIONS to your son/daughter's image being used.

Could you please ensure this slip is returned immediately to Corby Business Academy IF YOU HAVE ANY OBJECTIONS.


Yours sincerely


K Isaksen


Mrs Isaksen

Head of Sixth Form

Corby Business Academy


Please return slip to Student Reception – I Have Objections to my son/daughter’s photo being used


I (name) ___________________________________ (Parent/Carer) Signature: _________________


 Date: ______________


Student name: _________________________________________________


Tutor Group: ___________________________________________________