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January 2015 - MAIT Maths Calculator


January 2015



Dear Parent/Carer


Many parents wish to support their son/daughter through their Maths education by purchasing a scientific calculator. However with a wide choice available and prices varying, it can be confusing.


The Maths department would like to offer you the option of purchasing the calculators that we recommend through school on behalf of students, in order to reduce costs to students. These calculators are available at £5.50 each, rather than the retailing price of £8.99 elsewhere.


Should you wish to place an order through the school please complete the form below. If you are unsure about anything please ask your child to check with their Maths teacher.


Please return your request payment by as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully


Ms H Thompson

Director of Maths





Please return slip with payment to STUDENT RECEPTION – Calculator

(H Thompson)


I would like to purchase for my child: 


*Calculator - £5.50          


Name: ____________________________________________Form ___________


I enclose Cash/Cheque (made payable to Corby Business Academy) of  £___________



Signature of parent _________________________________________________