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June 2013 - BHE GCSE Mock History



June 2013


Dear Parent/Carer


RE: Mock GCSE History Exam paper: Week commencing 8th July 2013.


We feel it is very important that our students get the opportunity to sit a mock GCSE History exam paper on ‘Life in Germany 1919 – 1945’. The purpose of the mock exam is three fold:


  1. To enable our students to get a ‘feel’ for sitting a History exam paper in the allocated time allowed of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. To better prepare our students for the new 2014 linear GCSE History exam: As you are no doubt aware, the GCSE History exam is no longer modular. This means all students will be sitting three History papers in June 2014. Extra revision and exam practice now will set them in good stead for when they come to revise this topic again.
  3. A more accurate GCSE predicted grade can be made.

We hope that you will support your son/daughter by helping them to plan a ‘revision time table’; to identify times during the week and at the weekends that can be devoted to revision. We suggest that revision should be in short chunks of time (for example 30 minutes). All topics need to be covered and your son/daughter is more than welcome to use a school textbook to help them with their revision.


We also suggest the purchase of the revision guide ‘my revision notes’ Edexcel (B) GCSE Schools History Project published by Hodder Education (ISBN: 978-1444-1-6929-4) at a cost of £7.99. This guide will also be useful when your son/daughter comes to revise Medicine Through Time and Surgery next year.


 A useful revision website on Life in Germany is BBC Bitesize


Yours Sincerely,


Sam Stacey

Humanities Tutor