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Leicester Art Gallery visit - May 2016

A group of students had the chance to visit a thought provoking art exhibition in Leicester to enhance their research skills.

The students, who are in Years 9 to 11, visited the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester as part of our Race to the Top initiative which encourages our most able students to aim even higher.

They examined Leicester’s internationally acclaimed collection of early 20th century German Expressionist art and investigated art boxes containing replicas of primary resources from 1930s Germany, including letters, newspaper articles, photographs and objects used to smuggle art out of the country.

CBA Race to the Top Co-ordinator Rebecca Hill took part in the weekend visit.

She said: “The trip helped our students to develop their research skills.

“The students really enjoyed examining the resources and the paintings and learning about the history of the period.

“They asked very intelligent questions during the visit and behaved perfectly.”

Fellow CBA Race to the Top Co-ordinator Josh Walsh also took part in the weekend visit to the gallery along with students from our sister Brooke Weston Trust school, Kettering Science Academy.

He said: “The exhibition included artwork that had been smuggled out of Nazi Germany up to 1938.

“The students looked at a variety of fascinating objects, including a table leg which had been used to smuggle paintings out of the country.

“The visit was also a good opportunity for trust schools to come together and give our students the chance to meet like-minded students from Kettering Science Academy.”

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