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Literacy and Information Literacy

'One in six people in the UK struggle to read and write. Poor skills compromise health, confidence, happiness and employability.' (Literacy Trust, 2010) 

Improving literacy is one of CBA's main aims so this section of the website has been designed to provide students and parents/carers with practical resources, advice and suggestions for developing literacy skills. From getting involved with reading projects at CBA to online ideas for when you're at home, these pages can provide extra help to families.

Just some of the benefits of reading:

  • It develops your vocabulary
  • It can increase your general knowledge, which helps you do better at school
  • Reading provides an escape from the day-to-day. Fiction can transport you to another world
  • It calms and relaxes you after a hard day
  • It stimulates the right side of your brain and stretches your imagination
  • Reading is entertaining. If you find the right book it can be lots of fun.

More information about literacy in the UK is available in the State of the Nation literacy paper.