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London visit - July 2016

A group of our Race To The Top students had the chance to visit some of London’s most iconic buildings.

The Year 9 and 10 students visited the Houses of Parliament and London’s Natural History Museum and Science Museum.

Race To The Top Co-ordinator Joshua Walsh said: “The highlight of the trip was the visit to the Houses of Parliament.

“We had the chance to sit in on a debate and we saw a vote in the House of Commons.

“The students also took part in a workshop where they worked on their debating skills.

“The visit showed the students what happens in Parliament and what is allowed and what isn’t allowed to happen during debates.

“Many of the students said it was the best school trip they had ever been on.

“They asked interesting questions whilst we were there and they came away from the visit deep in thought.”

To see more pictures from the visit click here

(Our Race to the Top students are pictured above with teachers Joshua Walsh and Sarah Ghost)