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November 2012 Cricket Wear J Joseph

November 2012


Dear Parent/Carer


Corby Business Academy cricket has teamed up MKK to provide students with first class cricket wear.

This new kit is optional, if you do not wish to purchase CBA will supply your son with a playing shirt for when they represent the Academy at matches, which should be returned after the match.


The list below is items that can be purchased from the Academy as shown in the attached booklet:-


Other items which may be purchased are:


  • ·           White Cricket shirt with Crest and Numbers - £31.00


  • ·               Hoody + Crest as per design - £28.50                                 


  • ·               Green Training shirt with Crest - £23.50                             


  • ·               Black Shorts with Crest - £19.00     


  • ·               White Cricket Sweater with Crest- £36.00  


  • ·               Cricket Cap - £15.00            



Please complete the order form at the back of the booklet and return to Student Reception by Friday 1st

February 2013 if you wish to place an order. If you wish you can pay in instalments which will be recorded on a payment card, but the balance must be paid by Friday 1st February 2013.



Yours faithfully


Finance Department

Corby Business Academy