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October 2013 - Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).



October 2013



Dear Parents/Carers


This school year your son/daughter will be taking part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

YPI is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community awareness. Pupils are taught about philanthropy and charity through an experience of giving that highlights the positive impact they can have on their community.


Pupils will work in teams to research the needs of their community and identify a local charity they believe is best placed to make a positive change. They then learn how to assess the charity’s management, strategy, staffing arrangements and service. Possibly the most important aspect of YOI is the site visit pupils are asked to make to their chosen charity. By visiting a charity, you child will develop a real understanding of some of the challenges facing the community and will, we hope, be inspired to work to change society of the better. Site- visits will need to be undertaken out of school-hours in your child’s own time and we hope you will be able to support us with this by allowing your child to undertake this exciting and most rewarding part of the overall programme. Those students that take the time to visit their chosen charity will benefit enormously and feedback that this is the most interesting and valuable part of the learning experience.


Pupils will use their research to make presentations on the reasons that their chosen charity is most deserving of support. The team judged to have made the most compelling presentation will be given a grant to award to their charity.


During this process, pupils will develop skills in research, analysis, presentation and communication, which all contribute to a pupil’s growth and confidence.


We are excited to be one of the school’s to be participating in YPI and hope that you will fully support and encourage your son/daughter in researching and visiting a local charity.


Yours faithfully


YPI co-ordinator

Mrs Sam Stacey