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At Corby Business Academy we strive to produce a menu that appeals to as many of our students as possible. We use fresh wholesome ingredients and follow nutritionally balanced recipes which conform with the governments school food plan. In 2014 we won the healthy eating restaurant of the year in the Northamptonshire food and drinks awards which we are very proud of. We feel the food we offer is not only great tasting but also healthy and satisfying which makes our students and staff want to eat in our restaurant everyday.


Breakfast Menu

All breakfast deals include a drink (except smoothie)

Healthy Breakfast Options £1.35
 Fresh fruit pot served with a slice of toast
Any low fat yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit
Any cereal box or porridge and a piece of fresh fruit
2 slices of toast with 1 jam portion and a piece of fresh fruit
A toasted tea cake, 2 crumpets or a toasted English muffin and a piece of fruit
1 packet of crackers 1 cheese portion and a piece of fresh fruit
Fresh fruit smoothie with a slice of toast   

Standard Cooked Breakfast £1.35
1 hot item served with either a Corby roll or 2 slices of toast

Breakfast Plus £1.85
3 hot items served with either a Corby roll or 2 slices of toast

Full English £2.35
5 hot items served with a slice of toast

Extra Items
Fresh fruit 0.50p
1 Slice of toast with 1 butter and 1 preserve 0.30p 

Lunch Tariff

All Meal deals include 1 drink & 1 dessert 

Main Meal Deals £2.80
Chef’s main meal served with accompaniments
Chef’s vegetarian option served with accompaniments
Chef's plated salads
Salad bowl with a jacket potato
Pasta bowl with salad or vegetables
Jacket potato with 2 fillings and salad garnish
Homemade Soup of the day and a sandwich    

  Snack Meal Deal £2.25
A selection of freshly filled sandwiches, rolls and wraps
Hot sandwich of the day
Pasta bowl of the day
Homemade soup of the day with homemade bread
Jacket potato with 1 filling and salad garnish
Salad bowl
Chip butty (Friday only)

Extra items
Fresh fruit 0.50p
Cheese pot/tuna pot/coleslaw pot 0.60p


W/C Monday 16th April - Week 1 Menu

W/C Monday 23rd April - Week 2 Menu

W/C Monday 30th April - Week 3 Menu

W/C Monday 7th May - Week 4 Menu

W/C Monday 14th May - Week 1 Menu

W/C Monday 21st May - Week 2 Menu

To view the full list of menus, please click here.