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September 2012 GCSE Music ( by invitation only)

September 2012



Dear Parent / Carer,


I would like to offer your son / daughter an extra session of GCSE music on a Wednesday evening from 3.00pm-4.15pm.  This will give students an opportunity to complete coursework with a particular emphasis on completing the compositions that form part of GCSE Music.  This is not compulsory but will purely act as a support session to their main music lesson.


We will also have dedicated two evenings where we will record GCSE performances.   These are Wednesday 3rd October 2012 and Wednesday 24th April 2013.   Prior to these dates students should prepare 2 pieces for their final performances to be recorded and submitted as part of their coursework.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at,


Yours faithfully



Clive Wears

Director of Music