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September 2012 Public Services Course Trip - Rutland

September 2012


RE: Public Services Course Trip - Rutland


Dear Parent/Carer


Your son/daughter has been selected to attend outdoor and adventurous activity as part of their Public Services course. As you may know they have to participate in expedition experiences so they can pass the course.


The two day expedition will take place on September 11th   and September 12th  with an overnight stay at Wing in Rutland Duke of Edinburgh campsite. If you would like your son/daughter to participate they will need some walking boots or some sturdy trainers to walk in. The Academy can provide all additional equipment including water proofs and the students will be briefed on clothing and food they require.


The Physical Education Department will pay for the cost of transport, accommodation and cooking fuel but request that students bring their own food. If you would like your son/daughter to participate please complete the slip below, if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me at


Yours faithfully


James Aston


James Aston

Active Department


Please return slip to Student Reception by Monday 10th  September 2012

Public Services Trip – Rutland - Mr James Aston - Active Department - PNS


Name of Student: _________________________________________ Tutor Group: _____________


We will travel in the academy minibus; all students must abide by the academy code of conduct on trips and keep their seatbelts fastened at all times whilst travelling.


I would like my son/daughter to participate in the above activity.


Signed: ____________________________________________(parent/carer)            Date: ________________


Emergency contact number: ____________________________