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Student Care and Guidance

Monitoring Progress

At the Academy we offer a broad range of personalised support to our students, coupled with close monitoring of their academic progress.

Academic mentoring is carried out by tutors, senior staff and Sixth Formers, particularly in Key Stage 4 to support students in their challenging GCSE years.

Tutors act as students' first point of contact and will monitor, support and influence their progress, performance and good behaviour. They will produce an annual report on each student as well as discussing each termly subject reports with them.

Overseeing this guidance are five Progress Co-ordinators - one each for years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Their role is to work with other staff to ensure those students who need it receive the extra support required to achieve their targets. They are also responsible for the day-to-day behaviour management of their year groups and helping to guide students through their next steps, such as their options choices.

Supporting Students

We pride ourselves on our student care and have a dedicated Student Support Officer to support students.

Throughout the day the Student Support Officer is the front line of communication with parents, having an overview on student life both in the Academy and in the community.

We also have an Attendance/Welfare and Parent Support Officer who works closely with parents if extra support is needed and also liaises with outside agencies to help students.

There are peer mentoring systems in place at the Academy and at the start of the year, each Year 7 form is allocated a 'buddy', an older student who will help them adjust to Academy life and answer any questions they might have.

A Safe Environment

As members of the Safer Schools Partnership we have access to various youth organisations which enable us to keep up to date with issues affecting young people, such as alcohol and drugs.

Being a member of the Partnership also means that the Academy has its own designated Police Community Support Officer who devotes his time and expertise to supporting relationships between our students, the Academy and the wider community.

In conjunction with other agencies, the Academy has introduced an online reporting system - Sharp - which allows students to report confidentially any issues they may have in school or in their local community.

When behaviour is a barrier to progress, the Academy implements its discipline process. We will not allow behaviour to impede learning.

Ultimately if a student does not meet the standards set, the Academy will use permanent exclusion.

The ethos of the Academy promotes positive attitudes and bullying is not tolerated. Surveys of our students indicate that they feel the Academy is a safe and caring place in which to learn.

Ofsted quote:

"The rapid improvements in attainment, attendance and behaviour are a consequence of outstanding care, guidance and support" - Ofsted Inspector