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Teaching and Support Staff

Senior Leadership Team

John Henrys (Executive Principal)

Janina Taylor (Associate Principal)

Nicola Treacy (Senior Vice Principal)
Mark Brennan (Vice Principal

Ruth Hurcombe (Vice Principal)

Mohammed Isnat (Vice Principal)

Jenny Tomlin (Vice Principal)

Student Care and Guidance

Donna Lapsley (Student Support Officer)

Francia Dickinson (SENCo)

Elaine Pickford (Welfare and Attendance Officer)

Jacquie Thomas (Isolation Manager)

Ann Ingram

Lisa Jamison (Healthcare Assistant)

Teaching and Support Staff

Directors of Learning

Krystle Valliere (Year 7 & 8)

Sarah Dankmeyer (Year 9)

Patrick Hallam (Year 10)

Andrew Duncan (Year 11)

Samantha Anderson (Sixth Form)

Faculty Staff

Charlotte Knight (Director of Maths)

Kamruz Zaman (Head of Computer Science and Information Technology)

Samantha Anderson

Adrianna Chmielnicka

Andrew Duncan

Julie Forsyth

Smita Dsouza

Karen Owen

Sevanti Panchal

Mitchell Prior

Joshua Walsh

Claire Robinson (Manager of Unit Provision)

Caren Brown (Assistant Manager of Unit Provision)

Nicola Clark

Janice Hingley

Clare Judge

Katrina Shone

Laura Taylor

Victoria Osborne


Oliver Machon (9B)
Chris Perrins (9C)
Dr Fiona Rowe (9D)
Sylvette Amoah-Agyei (9M)
Jordon Joseph (9N)
Sophie Allert (9R) 
Sharon Scullion (9S)
Amy Holland  (9Y)
Janice Hingley (9HB)
Clare Judge (9HY)
Louise Davison (10B)
Corinna Stanley (10C)
Natasha Barstow (10D)
Thomas Peacock (10M)
Tania Alexander (10N)
Eve Spiller (10R)
Jade Bruintjies (10S)
Amy Harris (10Y)
Janice Hingley (10HB)
Clare Judge (10HY)

Emily Boyd (11B)

Megan Wilson (11C)

Chantelle Malherbe (11C)

Louise Jensen (11D)

Christopher Wells (11M)

Clive Wears (11N)

Patrick Hallam (11R)

David Mitchell (11S)

Emily McAleney (11Y)

Nicola Clark (11H)
Laura Taylor (11AU)

Karen Owen (12B)

Elaine Wood (12C)

Charlotte Knight (12D)

Laura Bond (12M)

Nicola Clark (12H)