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Aboriginal art inspires key ring project

A class of Year 8 students was inspired by Aboriginal art to create colourful key rings.

A group of Year 8 students were inspired by Aboriginal art to create colourful key rings.

The metal key rings featured a variety of creatures, including kangaroos, frogs and lizards, in a range of bright colours.

To create the key rings the students used CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) software but also learned how to pour pewter and polishing skills during the project.

Teacher David Mitchell said: “The starting point was to look at another culture and from there we examined the Australian Aboriginal art form.

“We used CAD/CAM to design and manufacture the  key rings.

“The students really enjoyed the practical part of the project and I think the results are good.”

Year 8 student Damon Goodwin, 13, said: “I found it quite hard to start with but it got easier.

“We could choose our own design and I chose to create a green frog.”

The students created the key rings during their Resistant Materials course.

(Pictured are Year 8 students Charlotte Bettles, Maryan Ahmed, Julia Chalubinska and Damon Goodwin with a selection of the key rings)