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Art and Design

In AMID Year 7 and Year 8 follow a 10 week rotational programme that covers the following subjects: Art, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food.

In Design & Technology

Year 7:

Textiles: This project introduces the year 7 students to textiles looking at various practical techniques and the theory behind it. This leads in to the main project where students make felt ‘Mexican Monsters’ inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Resistant Materials: During this rotation students explore a variety of techniques working with wood using the Australian aboriginal culture as a theme. They use these skills to produce a wooden money box.

Food: The year 7 food rotation allows students to learn various practical skills to build up their independence within the kitchen. They will use a variety of equipment in the industrial style kitchen, from the hob to chopping skills to the oven, working their way through a range of recipes.

Year 8:

Textiles: This textile rotation looks at different ways of applying colour and is called ‘To dye for…”. Students design a repeat pattern on 2D Design and then sublimation print the design on to fabric. This is used to make a ‘Phone Pillow’. Their next project is a tie dye t-shirt that features other textile techniques to decorate it.

Resistant Materials: During this rotation students work with CAD software to lead up to the making of a pewter key fob using the Native American culture.

Food: The year 8 food rotation builds on their skills from year 7 to continue building their practical skills to develop their confidence. They work through a range of recipes and follow this up with theory lessons to understand the science and nutrition behind the practical.


Year 7: During the first part of the rotation students will learn how to draw from direct observation by using a variety of objects. Students will understand how to record form, texture and tone through experimental mark-making and media. In the second part of the rotation students will be introduced to ceramics. They will learn how to handle and manipulate clay in order to create a 3-dimensional object. All students will be able to bring home their handcrafted bobble bowls!

Year 8: During the first part of the rotation students will explore colour though the use of wet media. Furthermore, they will be able to link their work directly with current and past artists in order to understand techniques and composition. In the second part of the rotation students will explore Graphic Communication techniques. They will interpret and create 2 dimensional/relief outcomes in the style of Pop Artists.

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