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Senior Leadership Team developments

Our Senior Leadership Team is going through exciting developments.

Our Senior Leadership Team is going through exciting developments.

CBA Principal John Henrys is continuing to develop his role as Executive Principal for the Brooke Weston Trust.

As a result CBA Senior Vice Principal Janet Duggan will take on the day to day operational responsibility for the Academy as Associate Principal in September.

Mrs Duggan is excited about her new role and has set out her priorities for the coming year.

She said: “We will continue to strive to make sure that every student makes at least their expected level of progress so that no child is left behind.

“We have worked hard during the past two years to enhance the quality of our written and verbal feedback so that our students understand fully what they need to do to make further progress.

“We are working hard to secure a Key Stage 3 curriculum that builds on the students’ learning from the end of Key Stage 2. We have undertaken a lot of work to ensure we are fully informed about the students’ assessment outcomes from their primary schools so that the students’ transition to secondary school is seamless and they continue to make progress.

“Our Sixth Form continues to go from success to success and we have worked hard to secure a culture of aspiration and intellectual curiosity.

“Our Sixth Formers have the skills to find out things they need to know and are able to evaluate them critically. Our current Year 12 group is a wonderful group of students and we want to take them on to the next level.

“In addition we have invested a great deal in our workforce to ensure they are fit for the changing face of education.

“The roles within the Senior Leadership Team have been reviewed and the outcome is the roles will secure the quality of teaching and learning to meet the needs of all groups of students.

“We will ensure that Corby Business Academy is a place that adds value to the teaching and learning experience of our students.”

As a result of the changes to our Senior Leadership Team Paul Wilson and Jenny Tomlin will also step up to the role of Vice Principal and Alice Beckwith will take on a one year secondment to the Senior Leadership team.