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CBA to launch a Parents Book Club

An exciting new group will be launched at CBA to give our parents the chance to find out students are reading.

An exciting new group will be launched at CBA to give parents the chance to find out what students are reading.

Our new Parents Book Club will give parents an opportunity to engage with the books their children are reading and the chance to talk about reading habits.

Copies of the first book that the group will discuss, World Book Day story ‘Spot the Difference’ by Juno Dawson, will be provided for free.

The group will be run by one of our parents, Michelle Morgan who is a best selling author, and our Librarian Amy McKay (pictured above).

Amy said: “This is a golden age in Children’s and Young Adults’ literature. The standard of Young Adults’ literature in this country is absolutely outstanding.

“We want to give parents the opportunity to read these fantastic books and find out what young people are reading in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Plus we know that children are more likely to read if they see their parents reading at home.

“Spot the Difference is a great book to begin with because it’s a perfect example of contemporary Young Adult literature and it’s less than 100 pages long.

“Juno Dawson is also one of the most popular authors amongst students here.

“If students want to come along with their parents and get involved they will be very welcome.”

The group will run from 6pm to 7pm on Tuesdays and the first meeting will take place on Tuesday 24th May.

For further information email Amy at