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Anglia Ruskin University UCAS convention

Each year as part of the Academy’s on-going support for students in Year 12 there is a visit to one of the excellent UCAS organised conventions which are attended by the majority of higher education establishments including many of the top universities.

The event this year will be on Wednesday, 21st June after the AS examination period at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridgeshire.

Letters will be sent home with all relevant information.

The Academy places a high priority on enabling students to make appropriate choices about their progress after Year 13 which is why the event carries no cost for the individual. The expectation is that all students will be involved irrespective of whether they are currently considering the university route.

The UCAS higher education conventions and subject-specific exhibitions bring together future students with learning providers and other interesting organisations. These conventions play a vital part in helping applicants decide what and where to study in higher education. The conventions consistently attract over 200 exhibitors, such as universities, colleges, charities, gap year companies, recruiters and organisations from across the UK, united in their aim to inform and advise 16-17 year olds on their future options.

UCAS conventions are the only opportunity students have to explore a variety of post-18 options in one setting. They're a chance to get some face time with admissions staff and subject specialists, find out what life's like on and off campus, and discover what else is on offer when your exams are done and dusted - volunteer work, gap year adventures, and the big wide world of work.