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3 days till Music teacher runs the London Marathon

Music teacher Miss Chapman is now just three days away from competing in her first ever Marathon.

Louise is running for Asthma UK, having suffered from the medical condititon since she was around 9months old. She said: The charity is very close to my heart, especially as both of my parents also suffer with it.’

‘My earliest recollection of my asthma being particularly bad was when I was about 6 and had an asthma attack. I don't remember much apart from being in hospital on a nebuliser. From then on, I have had a wide variety of treatments including more nebulisers, steroid treatment and inhalers. To keep my asthma under control I still have to take 2-3 types of inhaler daily.

‘The furthest I had ran before signing up for the Marathon was a 5km race, so I have definitely had my work cut out. I started training in the summer holidays to build up my strength and distance before I started my 'serious' training plan. The training process has been hard, but I’ve been part of a running club who put a plan in place for me and were really supportive. I’ve had no injuries and I’ve stuck to the plan rigidly, so I’m really proud of myself for that as I’m normally quite clumsy and accident prone. I have also ran a 10k and half marathon in preparation.

‘I feel so excited about Sunday, as it’s been a huge personal challenge and is going to be my biggest achievement. I’m still really nervous and now worried about the predicted heat but am excited to promote the fantastic work the charity do. I have a goal of £2,000 and have already raised £1,500. I am very grateful to everyone who has donated. I have also held a cake sale at the Academy to raise money and will be holding another one on World Asthma Day (1st May).’

If you wish to support Louise, please make a donation on her page by clicking here.