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Top performing A-level students

Congratulations to all of our students who are celebrating their exam results today. Here’s what some of our top performing students are doing next:

Zoe Hall gained two A* grades in Mathematics and Further maths and an A in Physics. Zoe will go on to study maths at the University of York. She said: ‘I feel so overwhelmed. I worked really hard and achieved the results I wanted and am looking forward to starting my studies at York.’

Ellie Moore gained an A* in Further Maths, an A in Mathematics and a B in Business. Ellie is going on to study Economics and Mathematics at the University of York. She said: ‘The underdog made it. I am pleased that my determination, persistence and hard work paid off.’

Taysiir Oozeer gained an A grade in Mathematics and two B grades in Further Maths and Physics. He is going on to study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He said: ‘I am really pleased because I’ve got into my chosen university.’