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Target Programmes launch at Corby Business Academy

Corby Business Academy is excited to launch several programmes with ‘Target’, a lottery funded project delivered by Wellingborough-based charity, Service Six.

The project standing for ‘Targeting and Reducing Grooming, Exploitation and Trading of children and young people online’ will work with our students over the next two terms to increase students' awareness of the dangers online.

Martine Boyd, Brooke Weston Trust’s Senior Education Welfare and Safeguarding Officer said: ‘We are living in an increasingly digitalised world where many young people choose to use online apps and games to communicate. It is therefore incredibly important that we educate our students on how to be as safe as possible while online. Through these programmes we hope to increase students’ online protective behaviours, improve their wellbeing and provide transferable knowledge and skills in the world of online safety.'

Please  click here to download "Ollie Target"  a new app launched by TARGET to allow concerns to be reported.