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Celebrating our Accelerated Reader Champions

Well done to Corby Business Academy's keen young readers who have done so well on the Accelerated Reading Scheme. Particular mention should go to Rory Draycott who has read nearly 7 million words since starting the challenge in November.

Rory, from Year 7, has completed more than 120 books and is the most prolific reader of the group. Others include Darius Harja, Luke Haigh, Joseph Diaz Osborn, Hannah Boaden and Sergejs Nikulins.

Librarian Amy McKay said: ‘They have really flown with it and the reason they get so much out of it is because it is so personal to their abilities and they are all achieving at their own level. Year 7 and 8 all do Accelerated Reader so they are all in the library once a fortnight for their library lessons. These exceptional students come into the library daily and are reading at home and completing online quizzes about what they have read. There is a real enthusiasm about the students this year and we can track their progress and see how well they are doing.

‘A lot of the challenge is about being a ‘word millionaire’ based on different countries' currencies, however Rory’s reading is phenomenal. By the end of this academic year he wants to have read 12 million words and I think he will achieve that. His enthusiasm really encourages other students to read as well and his enthusiasm is spreading through his peers.

'I thought I was doing well when I read 11 books over the Christmas holiday and I am up to three quarters of a million words, however Rory achieved a staggering 40 books in a two week period and shows no sign of stopping!’