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Number of students completing DofE awards doubles

The number of students from Corby Business Academy who have been awarded their Duke of Edinburgh’s award has rocketed by more than 100% over the past year.

Six students have earned their bronze award while five achieved silver. To gain their badge and certificate they needed to complete four sections, comprising skills, physical, volunteering and expedition phases.

Teacher Natasha Barstow encouraged the students to complete the process when she resumed her role as DofE manager after maternity leave. She said: ‘There were lots of students that had started but they just needed to complete the evidence online. The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is so valuable as it looks great on CVs and for job interviews. We start our students on the bronze level in Year 9 and many sign up for the silver the following year.’

A lot tend to be really excited to do the expedition and then some of the other sections, such as the volunteering, are more time consuming. There are so many activities that our students do, such as coaching, volunteering in the library and visiting residential homes.  

‘I am looking to expand the DofE team so if there are staff who may like to get involved then I would love to hear from them. It doesn’t need to take up hours; for instance they maybe would like to  mentor some students or help out with expeditions. It is worth doing just to see the progress and development that the students make.’

Well done to the following students who achieved their Bronze award: Ella-Grace Allan, Megan Diaz Osborn, Kiezer Upfold, Shanen Watson, Reagan Watson and Evelyn Anderson.

Six students have signed up for the silver award. Congratulations to Michael Branco, Mathew Hartley, Ethan Kingston, Kyle Murray and Jack Watts who have just completed theirs.