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Sixth Former accepted onto prestigious Master Cadets course

Congratulations to our Sixth Former Josh Haigh who has been accepted onto the prestigious Master Cadet course which is run by the Army Cadet Force.

This year the course has been opened up for applications from Combined Cadet Force cadets and only 12 from across the country are being accepted. Josh’s success is a huge achievement and shows how the calibre of the Brooke Weston Trust’s CCF cadets is going from strength to strength.

Josh was interviewed by Col Marc Godfrey who said: ‘Cdt Sgt Haigh soon realised that in the CCF the ‘sky’s the limit’ and he became passionate about the opportunities it gave.  He enjoyed the challenge of SCIC (Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre) and now sees the option of ‘army medic’ as a very real career choice on completion of Sixth Form and success at medical school. 

‘In interview, he was a confident young man who already leads the army section and has a great deal to offer to his contingent in the coming year. He understood the cadet values and standards and the importance of leadership both in the cadet world and in his future life.  I have no doubt that he will continue to give a great deal to his contingent in his final time at the Brooke Weston Trust CCF.’

Josh, from Year 12, said: ‘This is my fourth year in the cadet force and I have developed lots of skills including teamwork, communication and leadership, as well as military skills including navigation and fieldcraft. CCF has been a massive confidence boost to me personally. I have been on lots of camps and weekends away and am now in the position of running them. I have also been on the Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre course  and Combat Cadet.

‘A military career is definitely something I am considering. Cadets has opened my eyes to wider careers and helped me realise my potential. I’d like to do a degree in medicine and go on to be an Army doctor.

'I am really proud to have got onto the Master Cadet course, it was quite a surprise as well. If people are thinking of joining the cadets I would tell them to go for it, the amount that I have learned about myself and others has been amazing. It is an amazing opportunity to get out of the classroom and gain practical skills. I have been really supported all the way through CCF.’

Mr Simon Underwood, Corby Business Academy’s Principal said: ‘We are all hugely proud of Josh and what he has achieved with the CCF. To be accepted onto this course is a huge accolade and demonstrates his dedication and determination.’

WO1 Nigel Barrett from the Trust Combined Cadet Force said: ‘This is a huge opportunity for Josh. He is a fine example of a senior cadet and his skills, leadership and confidence have developed massively during his time in the Combined Cadet Force. He is a credit to himself, the school, and the contingent as a whole.’