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A-Level Student Success Stories

Congratulations to all of our Sixth Form students who are celebrating their A-Level results today. Here is what some of our top performing students are doing next.

Jonathan Hartley achieved an A* in Business Studies, A* in Mathematics and an A* in Psychology and has secured a place at the University of Nottingham to study Industrial Economics. He said: “I am happy with results and achieved better grades than I expected. Business Studies was my favourite subject due to my classmates and the support from Mrs Hawkins. Both Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Anderson supported me immensely in my studies and helped me to work efficiently without becoming over-stressed.

“The University of Nottingham appealed greatly to me due its amazing campus and facilities. I also felt that the course met my abilities, suiting my academic interests and fitting in with my strengths. It will allow me to explore the subject in greater depth which will help me decide on a career path. I am looking forward to learning about the industrial economics within such an efficient environment.

“Staying on after school and using spider diagrams with my classmates really helped me to revise for my exams and I would advise students taking their A-Levels next year not to stress as it doesn’t help. Instead if it gets too much, take a break. Throughout my time at Corby Business Academy I have made great friendships and have enjoyed the trips on offer.”

Igor Pereszczako will go on to study Medicine at the University of Anglia Ruskin after gaining an A* in Chemistry, A* in Mathematics and an A in Biology. He said: “I am ecstatic with my results. I hope to pursue a career as a doctor and am interested in the effects of social factors on people’s health and how they can be fixed. I am looking forward to studying Medicine at the University of Anglia Ruskin as it will allow me early patient exposure. I am also really looking forward to studying epidemiology and the effects of social inequality on health.

“Throughout my time in Sixth Form at Corby Business Academy, I have enjoyed Chemistry and found the organic pathways interest to learn about. Lessons are planned well and support was given to me where needed. I would like to thank Mrs Anderson and Mrs Hearne for interview practice and believing in me.

“To revise for my exams, I used lots of exam questions. I would advise students starting Sixth Form in September to be aware of the jump between GCSE and A-Levels and would suggest starting to look at and answer exam questions as early as possible.”


Jozef Balogh secured an A in Biology, A in Chemistry and an A in Geography. He will now go on to study Biochemistry at the University of Leicester. He said: “I am feeling great about my results. I have chosen to study at University of Leicester as I liked everything about it, and it was close to home. I am looking forward to the lab work involved in my course and hope to pursue a career related to medical and disease study such as vaccines as I am keen to help people.

“Practice papers helped me to revise. I would like to tell students taking their A-Levels next year that even if they don’t get the outcomes they desired in Year 12, they can still improve so much in Year 13 if they put the work in.

“My favourite subject has been Chemistry because of the difficulty and the reward that comes with that. I would like to thank all of my teachers for being supporting even when my grades weren’t what I wanted. I have enjoyed the learning environment at Corby Business Academy and have made friends from Year 7 to Year 13.”

Joe Shirlaw will continue his studies in Mathematics at University of Birmingham after gaining an A* in Mathematics, an A in Physics and a B in Further Mathematics. He said: “I am happy with my results and glad the wait is over.

“I have chosen to study at Mathematics at the University of Birmingham as I enjoy the subject and think it be a good challenge. I am excited to go to university and study new areas of the subject.

“I found that practice papers helped me prepare for my assessments. I would advise students starting A-Levels next year to not be afraid to ask for help. I have really enjoyed my time at Sixth Form as it provided me with lots of new opportunities.  My favourite subject has been Further Mathematics as it has showed me many news areas of Mathematics. I would like to thank Miss Thompson and Mrs Anderson for always being there to help. I could not have done it without them!”

We wish all our Year 13 students from Corby Business Academy the very best for the future.