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County Schools Challenge 2022 (Northamptonshire Police)

Mia McCrossan, Emma Crysell and Natalie Gibson (9A) were all chosen to represent Corby Business Academy at this year’s County Schools Challenge after winning an inter-form competition. The aim of the presentation was to:

  • Help young people recognise the signs that they are being targeted into a criminal gang
  • Help young people realise there are alternative positive choices
  • Help the young person understand the choice they are making, understand beyond the ‘hook’ and the potential consequences
  • Show young people how to find a true sense of belonging
  • If a young person is the victim of targeting, show them they still have choices

To raise awareness of this, the challenge this year was in the style of ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Mia, Emma and Natalie created a game based on ‘The Game of Life’ titled ‘Your Life. Your Choice’. This game would help people to make the right choices in life and learn about what the consequences can be as a result of the choices and actions you make.

They presented at the Northampton Police Headquarters on Wednesday 22nd June and are awaiting to hear if they have made it to the finals!